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AS2Gateway Introduction

Version: 1.1.0

The AdroitLogic AS2Gateway is a Cloud hosted AS2 Trading Gateway offered as a Service, by AdroitLogic.

The AS2Gateway is powered by one of the best performing Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) UltraESB, developed by AdroitLogic. The UltraESB is one of the very few ESBs that allows B2B trading partners to directly integrate AS2/EDI based B2B interactions with internal IT systems. The UltraESB offers many more features in addition to AS2 - including support for multiple transports, message formats, routing, transformation, enrichment, caching, throttling etc with high availability and fail-over support in a clustered deployment.

AdroitLogic also offers the AS2Gateway as a commercial solution, to customers wishing to setup their own private AS2 gateway. Contact AdroitLogic for more details.

AS2Gateway Benefits

  • No software to purchase, install or maintain

  • No investment for Hardware

  • Free tier allows SMEs to trade with many business partners for free

  • Competitive Pricing model

  • Ability to read / print common EDI (X12/EDIFACT) documents

  • Ability to generate replies to common EDI documents with auto populated fields

  • Ability to generate ASNs, Bar coded Shipping labels

  • Ability to integrate with S/FTP, Email or REST/SOAP web services

  • Ability to integrate with Cloud services such as S3, SQS, RDS, etc

  • Ability to convert EDI (X12/EDIFACT) to/from XML, CSV, Fixed Width and other formats

  • Email notifications and Mobile App for management

  • Free Certificate generation and management

  • Simplified Partner details import, and Local station details export/email

  • End to end file name Preservation for attached files

  • Multiple attachments for single AS2 message

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