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Version: 1.1.0


AS2Station is the latest B2B communication solution introduced by AdroitLogic, a leading middleware and integration solutions provider in the market. If you are looking for an easy to use AS2 protocol based trading solution to run in your own environment, this solution is for you.

An evaluation version is at product page where you can easily download the software (~130MB) and try out. The AS2Station is designed to be run on a cluster of containers to eliminate the burden of installing additional components such as language compilers, databases, servlet container etc. to your system inorder to run AS2Station. The only prerequisite required is to make sure Docker installed in your system.
Please note that after installing docker it is required to add your user to docker user group using following commands.

$ groupadd docker
$ gpasswd -a $USER docker
$ service docker restart
[$USER should be replaced with the user name of your user who is executing the shell script.]

After installing Docker, simply extract the downloaded bundle and run the script.

The installation process will take couple of minutes depending on the performance of your system. Please make sure that your system has a live internet connection while deploying the AS2Station.

After initial setup of AS2Station, the web application will run on port 8080 of the installed machine. Using your favorite web browser you should be able to access and configure AS2Station appropriately. After successful deployment, you should be able to see the following window.

Welcome screen

The following sections will help you on configuring AS2Station in your preferred way. After deploying, you are required to follow a setup, that collects essential information to customize the AS2Station appropriately for a better user experience. The configuration setup includes five forms,

  • Organization Information

  • Administrator Information

  • Network Configuration Information

  • Mail Server Information

  • Terms and Conditions

Organization Setup

After clicking on Start Setup button, application will redirect to the organization details setup form. There are five fields that needs to be filled. The domain name is the unique identifier that is used by the application to maintain detail of the organization. The value for the other four fields will be used by the AdroitLogic to send service updates, news releases etc. to the organization.

After filling out the form clicking on next button, user will be navigated to Administration registration form.

Organization Configuration

AS2Station Administrator Configuration

This form is for collecting user information about system administrator. The display name will be used to identify the administrator within the system. The email and password details required here will be used as login information after completing the setup. Title field is optional.

Following the next button, user will be navigated to network configuration view.
Organization configuration

Network Setup

Details collected in this view will be used to expose the AS2Station to the out side. There are setups in this stage; simple setup and an advanced setup. User will be able to select an appropriate configuration according to the requirement. Simple setup is for the users who are exposing the AS2Station directly to the outer network. But if the user expectation is to work with load balancer or a web server to expose the AS2Station, there comes the advanced setup option in handy.

Basic Configuration

User who is working under simple configuration just required to provide the host name or the IPv4 address of the host. The AS2 server will use the 8280 port of that host to send and receive AS2 messages.

Simple Network configuration

Advanced Configuration

This configuration is for the user with the requirement of adding an load balancer or web server in-front of the AS2 server and expose it. Therefore, user is required to provide the host name or the IPv4 address and the port of the host that the web server/load balancer runs on. It is also possible to customize the default ports that AS2Station uses to send/receive messages. Navigate through the advanced features for other features available.

Simple Network configuration

Mail Server Setup

AS2Station has an embedded feature to notify the appropriate users in appropriate occasions via email. As for an example when receiving a new AS2 message, the user will get notified and when adding a partner the partner will get notified. Since it is essential to have an email server to send these notifications; in this setup page user is required to provide details to configure an email server.

Following are some example value for mail server configuration for some popular mail services,

Table 1. Mail Server Configurations
Service Provider Host Port

Googlemail - Gmail






Yahoo Mail


Mail Server configuration

After entering the values, user will be guided to the last section of registration process, the Terms and Conditions of the AdroitLogic AS2Station. Users are expected to carefully read the terms and conditions before accepting. After accepting the terms and conditions and clicking Register button, user will be navigated to login view of the duly customised and personalized AS2Station. If the process went smooth without any errors, user will get the message notifying a successful registration.

Organization Registration Successful
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