File Polling with XML Validation
Demonstrates File polling with validation

Use Case Description

Gringotts is one of the major banks in Western Europe. They provide financial support for large number of small time business institutions. For these institutions they are required to send monthly business invoices in a secure manner. Currently they do have two separate systems to utilize for this purpose. The invoice generation needs to be done using one of their legacy backend processing systems while the generated invoices needs to be sent out to relevant parties using a separate secure file gateway. The requirement is after generating the invoices it is required to notify the file gateway about the generated invoices and the relevant information about the recipient through JMS queue.

The legacy invoice generation system will generate the invoice file and a XML file that contains the required meta information about the invoice recipient. The generated files will be placed into a predefined locations of local file system. The secure file gateway is supposed to utilize the meta information file to extract the relevant information and send the invoices securely to the relevant parties.

Proposed Solution

Gringotts bank has decided to integrate the secure file gateway with the legacy invoice generator using an ESB. Their requirement of ESB is to poll the predefined local file system directories inorder to pick up the generated meta information XML files and validate the XML content before forwarding it to the file gateway through a JMS queue. For this implementation they have decided to use Apache ActiveMQ as the JSM provider. file polling 1

Version 17.07
Vendor AdroitLogic
Difficulty Intermediary

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