JAXB Transformation
JAXB to XML transformation demonstration

Use Case Description

Owl Express is a courier service that offer exchange of goods and parcels throughout the country. They recently installed a courier software in each store. When a parcel is received, a database is updated and a courier of Owl Express is informed the details of the delivery of the parcel. Owl Express is in need of a reporting service of the orders they delivered. For this scenario, the courier software, they use has not given a report generating option. Hence they are planning to generate XML files of the orders delivered and store them. However, Owl Express cannot use the data that is retrieved from the database directly to create XML files.

Proposed Solution

Since Owl Express cannot modify or replace their courier software, they decided to introduce an ESB to transform the retrieved data from database to the appropriate XML format as the figure below.

jaxb transformation chart

Version 17.07
Vendor AdroitLogic
Difficulty Introductory

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