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Introduction to UltraESB-X

Version: 17.07

UltraESB-X is the next generation of the time-tested, performance-proven ESB UltraESB, with a fully re-architected design from the previous version. It’s a lean messaging engine with more modular architecture which is built on top of the Project-X framework. From the deployment perspective, UltraESB-X is a set of processors and connectors bundled together on top of the Project-X core messaging engine.

UltraESB-X can handle multiple projects and all the projects contains it’s own scope with respect to dependency management and other external resource management. A project can have it’s own life cycle within the UltraESB-X and it can be managed and monitor separately.

UltraESB-X has an in-built metrics engine to collect all the message level statistics and information related to system health. Collected metrics data will be published to the Elasticsearch which is the metrics data processing engine of the UltraESB-X. This data can be can be monitored and processed to identify the resource utilization and possible system level failures in-advance.

UltraESB-X exposes a REST based management API to monitor and manage the message processing runtime which facilitate to manage at the granularity of both server level and project level.

Release Notes

Check out what’s new and improved in each release of Adroitlogic UltraESB-X.

Version 17.07 (released in July, 2017)

Project-X Framework

  • Performance improvements and API enhancements to improve usability

  • Introduction of graceful shutdown capability

  • Several new management functionality added to the management server

  • Introduction of a Java client to access management server REST API

  • Enhancements to logging framework with UltraStudio support for log code generation

Mediation Features

  • Cache feature

  • Date/time feature

  • HTTP feature

  • JAXB feature

  • SOAP feature


  • Amazon S3 ingress connector

  • Amazon S3 egress connector

  • Salesforce egress connector

Processing Elements

  • HTTP processing elements

  • JAXB processing elements

  • SOAP processing elements

  • XML processing elements

  • Scripting languages related processing elements

  • Integration flow looping related processing elements

  • Cluster locking related processing elements

  • Response caching processing element

  • Advanced database operations related processing elements

  • Processing elements for handling utility operations such as string operations, date/time manipulations and complex message validation

Version 17.07.1 (released in October, 2017)

Project-X Framework

  • Upgraded Spring Framework version to 4.3.10.RELEASE

  • Ability to use feature references in Connector Operations

  • Enhancements to logging framework

  • Framework support for transport less, SDK or client library based egress connectors

  • Framework support for asynchronous as well as synchronous bi-directional egress connectors


  • Apache Kafka ingress connector

  • Apache Kafka egress connector

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