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Introduction to UltraStudio

Version: 17.07

UltraStudio is a fully featured integration flow development environment for UltraESB-X. It is built on top of IntelliJ IDEA Below sections provides you an in-depth description on each and every aspect of UltraStudio.

UltraStudio ToolBox

The UltraStudio ToolBox is a basic service and ESB test toolkit bundled with the UltraESB-X. It allows one to start a sample server instance hosting a raw HTTP echo servlets, Text and HTML servlets, and then issue sample requests to these services through the HTTP/S or JMS client modules.

The HTTP/S client supports REST, POX, Text and binary payloads (such as Hessian) and supports the POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS and TRACE methods in addition to many other features. HTTP/S client also capable of sending a small load of requests as well.

The UltraStudio ToolBox equipped with a built-in TCP dump panel, which able to report wire traffic as text or Hex formatted binary and additionally allows the message to be saved to a file for replay with a load test etc. Other modules of the UltraStudio ToolBox includes a JMS Client, a JMS queue receiver, JMS queue browser, a raw socket level client usually used to test the ability of a service or an ESB to face invalid, malformed or malicious requests.

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