cache feature

Cache Feature

Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.01

Cache Feature

Cache Feature can be used to perform any type of cache related operations such as put, get and delete. All the caches are stored as a key-value pair.

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String resourceName

Name for the cache to be created

int heapSize

Configures the maximum heap size allowed for the cache in megabytes

long expirationTime

Configures the expiration time allowed for the cache in minutes

Class<K> keyType

Class type of the key

Class<V> valueType

Class type of the value


XCache object, which can be used for many cache operations such as get, put, getAndPut, remove, getAndRemove, getCacheName and containsKey

This API can be used to perform database insert, update and delete operations


XCache cache

Cache object which needes to be removed from the pool


This API can be used to perform database read operations

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