Exposing JDBC Data over a JSON API
Implementation of JSON data service to expose CRUD operations

Use Case Description

QikBuy is a small retail shop that is planning to open a new website and mobile app for advertising their products. It hopes to establish a RESTful API for product display and search which can be shared between the site and the app, and can be maintained independently. As it is not planning to allow purchasing of products via the API yet, it needs only a read-only JSON API that can be implemented very quickly, as the project deadline is approaching.

Proposed Solution

The JSON Data Service processing element is specialized for scenarios like the one described above, and can be set up with minimal effort. Each required API endpoint can be set up simply by specifying a new URL-to-SQL qurery mappings on the element configuration.

Version 17.07
Vendor AdroitLogic
Difficulty Introductory

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