Response Caching
Example implementation to cache HTTP responses to demonstrate functionalities of caching feature of the framework

Use Case Description

TravelSmart is one of the world’s largest online travel services provider with millions of interactions daily. Users can search the TravelSmart database with custom queries. When a user submits a request at their HTTP web service interface, backend services query that from thier database and provide the requested results. Since they have a very large database with thousands of online users, they need to have a proper way to respond to users efficiently.

Proposed Solution

Since TravelSmart need to handle millions of requests daily, they decided to introduce an ESB as the bridge between their backend db services and the database.

response caching

Each request coming from the web interface will go through UltraESB-X and now ESB is responsible of handling queries efficiently. UltraESB-X will cache each successful response with a hash key generated from the incoming payload. When the same request comes for the second time, instead of querying the TravelSmart database, ESB will send the previously cached response.

Version 17.07
Vendor AdroitLogic
Difficulty Introductory

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