SFTP File Mediation
Mediate SFTP files between source and destination SFTP server with a transformation

Use Case Description

I want to mediate large JSON files via SFTP from one system to another after modifying the file name based on the value received as field in the input file. File name should be modified by attaching the received client ID as the prefix of the original file name by using the underscore as the separator. Client ID will be available at the pre-defined JSON path of the received input file content.

Proposed Solution

As the solution for this, we have decided to mediate files thorough an ESB as shown in the below diagram.

sftp file mediation

ESB will fetch file from the source SFTP server and extract the client ID by evaluating a pre-configured JSON path over the received file content. This client ID will append as the prefix to the original file name. So the final file name would be like <received_client_id>_<original_file_name>. With this file name modification, received file will be uploaded to the target SFTP server using the SFTP sender.

Version 17.07
Vendor AdroitLogic
Difficulty Introductory

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