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Quick Start with UltraESB-X

Version: 17.07

Installing UltraESB-X

UltraESB-X can be easily installed in your local environment with few steps,

  1. Download the UltraESB-X distribution.

  2. Extract the downloaded artifact.

  3. Place the provided (via download email) client.key.properties file into the conf/license/ directory.

  4. Place your project files(.xpr) to the $Extracted_Location/projects directory.

  5. Go to the $Extracted_Location/bin directory.

  6. Start the ultraesbx.sh bash script.

and you are done. You should be able to see UltraESB-X starts with few startup logs in your console.

UltraESB-X Installation Structure

This section describes structure of the UltraESB-X installation and how to get start with UltraESB-X. UltraESB-X installation will generate it’s folder structure as below within it’s installation directory.

    ├── LICENSE.txt
    ├── NOTICE.txt
    ├── README.txt
    ├── bin
    ├── conf
    │   ├── license
    │   ├── log4j2.xml
    │   ├── projects
    │   └── server.xml
    ├── lib
    │   ├── custom
    │   ├── endorsed
    │   └── patches
    ├── logs
    ├── projects
    └── tmp
  • "bin" directory contains executable bash scripts in the UltraESB-X including ultraesb-x.sh script.

  • "conf" directory contains all the configuration files for the UltraESB-X. This directory contains licence directory which should contain the UltraESB-X licence files. Projects directory of this conf folder should contain all the project specific configurations within a custom folder for each project with it’s name.

Please refer Project Deployment Guide under Project-X documentation for more details on project configurations.

  • "lib" directory contains all the jar files of the installation. It has three separate folder as below,

    • custom folder contains all the third part jar files applicable through out all the projects.

    • endorsed folder contains jar files related to override the classes which contains within jre.

    • patches folder contains jar files to be patched of the existing UltraESB-X installation. jars inside this directors has the highest priority at the class loading. This directory can contain project level patches within a directory with the name of the project.

  • "logs" directory contains all the of the UltraESB-X installation.

  • "projects" directory contains .xpr files for each project.

  • "tmp" directory is the default temporary directory for the UltraESB-X runtime.

Running Samples in Complete Distribution

The complete distribution of UltraESB-X ships with a set of built-in samples under the "samples" directory of the installation home.

You could use the following command to run these samples;

$ sh ultraesbx.sh -sample <Sample_Directory>

where the <Sample_Directory> is the name of the directory containing the sample in the samples directory; for example "sh ultraesbx.sh -sample DirectProxy"

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