acton update list

Update/Merge Act-On List

Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.07

Update or Merge Act-On List connector operation provides the ability to perform altering operations on an Act-On List such as appending and merging records.


* marked fields are mandatory

List ID *


The ID of the list to be updated. This can be specified as a constant value or as a combination of placeholder expressions such as @{message.headers.<name>}, @{<name>}, @{}, @{}, @{<name>}, @{variable.<name>}.

Enable Headings


If specified as true, cells in the first row of the file are treated as headings.

Field Separator


Character used around fields; valid values: COMMA, TAB, SEMI.

Upload Specification *


A JSON object to describe the structure of the payload being uploaded when updating the list.

You can learn more about the upload specification here.

Merge Mode *


Merge mode to be used by Act-On. APPEND is used by default; valid values: APPEND, APPEND_NO_DUPLICATES, UPSERT, UPDATE_ONLY, REPLACE

  • APPEND : simple append

  • APPEND_NO_DUPLICATES : append while skipping duplicates

  • UPSERT - update existing records and insert new records

  • UPDATE_ONLY - update existing records

  • REPLACE - replace the entire contents of the list with the uploaded records. Any records in the list that are not in the uploaded records are deleted.

Merge Key Heading *


The heading of the column to be used to merge data into the destination list. If not specified, Email column will be used by default.

Quote Character *


The type of quotes used around field names; valid values: NONE, SINGLE_QUOTE, DOUBLE_QUOTE.

Put Empty Values


If true, values in the destination list in Act-On will be overwritten by blanks if the source list is blank for the corresponding column.


If this operation was invoked successfully, it will provide a response message with a JSON payload of the following format.

    "status": "success",
    "message": "Upload completed",
    "jobId": "11384175"
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