fix ingress connector

FIX Ingress Connector

Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.01

What is FIX Ingress Connector?

FIX Ingress Connector can be used to listen for and receive messages from FIX initiators. The implementation is based on QuickFix/J, a free and open source Java implementation of the FIX protocol.

Sample Use Case

Due to the binary nature of FIX messages, the implementation currently supports only the forwarding of FIX messages already received from a FIX initiator. Refer to the introductory sample FIX Message Proxying for instructions on how to configure and use the FIX Ingress Connector for message relaying.

Resource Prerequisites

Similar to the FIX Egress Connector, the FIX Ingress Connector also requires the project-level resources message store, log factory and application-level settings map. (These should be defined independent of the resources assigned for the egress connector.)

In addition, the FIX Ingress Connector also requires a session list, a List resource containing FIXSession entries with session-specific properties for each FIX session that has to be established with the FIX message source.




FIXSession entries that would be utilized by the initiator

A FIXSession definition follows the format:



Class Name



begin-string for the FIX session


counterparty’s ID associated with the FIX session


* marked fields are mandatory.

Socket Accept port *

socket port for listening to incoming connections

Sender ID *

your ID as associated with this FIX session

Heartbeat Interval *

heartbeat interval in seconds

Start Time *

time of day that this FIX session becomes activated

End Time *

time of day that this FIX session becomes deactivated

Other acceptor settings

Map of other ESB message acceptor parameters

FIX sessions list *

List of FIX session configuration (FIXSession) beans

FIX message store *

incoming message store factory (file/database)

Log Factory *

incoming message log storing factory (file/database log store)

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