slack egress connector

Slack Egress Connector

Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.07

What is Slack Egress Connector?

The Slack Egress Connector is used to send messages from ESB to a Slack team using a registered WebHook.

slack egress connector outports

Out Ports

On Exception

The message will be emitted from this out port if the processing element failed to send the message ot the external system

Response Processor

The response message received will be directed to emitted port. You can use this port to connect any processing element or connector that is supposed to process/consume the response.

Side Ports

Connector Operation

This port is used to connect operational elements to the Egress Connector. By-default, user does not have to connect any operational element and the default connector operation will be used.


* marked fields are mandatory

WebHook URL *


Incoming WebHook URL which has been registered with a Channel or a User

Send to Default Channel/User


Send the message to the default Channel/User where the incoming WebHook was registered with. Default value is false

Receiver’s Type


Receiver’s type, whether it is a CHANNEL or a USER. Default value is CHANNEL

Receiver’s ID


Unique identifier of the Channel/User. The value can be a constant or a placeholder expression which contains @{message.headers.<name>}, @{message.headers}, @{<name>}, @{}, @{message.payload}, @{}, @{}, @{<name>}, @{}, @{variable.<name>}. This value is mandatory if Send to Default is false



Message can be a plain text message or any combination placeholder expression such as @{message.headers.<name>}, @{message.headers}, @{<name>}, @{}, @{message.payload}, @{}, @{}, @{<name>}, @{}, @{variable.<name>}

User Name


Slack user name. If not specified the name assigned to the Incoming WebHook will be displayed when sending messages

Sample Use Case


To test the Slack Egress Connector, you need a have a slack team and a registered WebHook URL for a particular channel/user.

Sending Slack Message

In this sample let’s create an integration flow which is able to send Slack messages to a channel named general. For that a Timer Ingress Connector is used to generate message contexts and inject to the Slack Egress Connector followed by a String Payload Setter. The Integration flow is as shown below

slack integration flow
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