as2 egress connector

AS2 Egress Connector

Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.01

What is AS2 Egress Connector?

AS2 Egress connector can be used to send messages to AS2 destinations from the UltraESB. AS2 Egress connector is compliant to RFC 4130 written by Drummond & Moberg.

Note: This connector element only supports single AS2 station, single AS2 partner setup. If the requirement is to have multiple AS2 Stations and/or multiple AS2 partners please refer the AS2Gateway Egress Connector reference.

Sample Use Case


In order to use the AS2 Egress Connector you must first select the "AS2 Connector" dependency from the connector list when you are creating an empty Ultra project. If you have already created a project, you can add the "AS2 Connector" dependency via Component Registry. From Tools menu, select Ultra Studio → Component Registry and from the Connectors list, select the "AS2 Connector" dependency.

Also you will need to have the required information about the trading partner in-order to configure the AS2 Egress Connector properly. The information includes the AS2 identifier of the trading partner, AS2 message receipt URL of the trading partner and the S/MIME certificate of the trading partner that will be used for signing and encryption purposes of AS2 message. To obtain these information you should contact your trading partner over a different medium.

1. Sending an invoice to trading partner over AS2

This is a simple scenario which is simulating the use case of sending an invoice document to remote partner over AS2 protocol. The invoice file that is going to be sent is stored inside a local directory. It will be injected to the UltraESB to send it to the remote trading partner over AS2 requesting a sync MDN. Upon the receipt of the AS2 message that contains the invoice file, the remote trading partner will send a sync MDN message which acknowledge the message receipt. The received MDN will be save into a defined local file to successfully end the AS2 message flow.

For the above scenario it is required to have three elements for the AS2 message flow which will be the configuration for the UltraESB. The first element is a File Ingress Connector which is responsible for picking up the invoice file from the local directory and injecting it to the UltraESB. The second element is the AS2 Egress Connector element for AS2 communication. The third element is a File Egress Connector which is responsible for saving the content of the receiving synchronous MDN into a local file.

In-order to understand the use of File Ingress Connector element and the File Egress Connector element please refer to following resources.

For this sample use case the configuration of the File Ingress Connector is as follows.

as2 egress file ingress

For this sample use case the configuration of the AS2 Egress Connector is as follows.

as2 egress basic config
as2 egress advanced config
as2 egress mdn config