cache processor

Cache Processor

Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.07

What is a Cache Processor?

Cache processor can be used as a response cacher. A key - value pair is needed for the cache processor and hash key will be extracted from the message context using two methods

  • If Etag is there, Etag will be used as the hash key.

  • If Etag is not there message payload will be used as the hash key.

Cache processor checks the hash key in the cache and returns value if available. If key does not exist in the cache, response will be added to the cache as a new entry.

cache processor ports

Out Ports

Next if a cache miss

If hash key does not exist, current message context will be forwarded to this outport

Next if a cache hit

If hash key exists, the processing element will update the payload and it will be forwarded to this outport

On Exception

The message context will be sent to this outport if any exception occurred while adding the scope variable


Cache Name


Name of the cache manager. Cache manager should not be created with the same name already present.

Heap Size


Defines the heap size(in MB) of the cache.

Expiry time


Cache mappings will expire after a fixed duration following their creation and that time(in Minutes) is defined by this variable.

Digest Algorithm


Defines the hash generation algorithm. Supported algorithms are as follows

  • SHA-1

  • SHA-256

  • MD5

Normalize the payload before caching if possiblelgorithm


If this is checked payload will be normalized before generating the hash. Note that normalizing process will reduce the whole caching performance.

Sample Use Case

In the following use case, cache processing element is used to cache reponse message payload. Here to demonstrate the caching operation, NIO HTTP Ingress Connector and NIO HTTP Egress Connector is used. Complete flow for the use case is shown below. Since no parameter is mandatory you can test the flow without setting any.

cache processor sample flow

Now run your integration flow and send a request message to the configured request URL to test your integration flow. Cache processor will cache the reponse. So when the same request comes for the second time, cache processor will give the cached response. So intergration flow will not go to NIO HTTP Egress Connector.

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