sub flow reference

Sub Flow Referrer

Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.01

What is a Sub Flow Referrer Processor?

A sub flow is used to share a common message processing sequence between multiple integration flows inside an Ultra Project. A Sub Flow Referrer processing element can be used inside an integration flow to route a message context to such a subflow and then routes it back to the next processing element of the original integration flow once the sub flow has finished processing.

Since this processing element belongs to the set of basic processing elements, this will be available for every project by default.

sub flow reference outports

Out Ports

On Success

The message context will be sent to this outport when the sub flow has successfully completed processing

On Exception

The message context will be sent to this outport if any exception occurred while processing


Sub Flow Id *


The ID of the sub flow to route the message context

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