extract csv row

CSV Row Extractor

Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.07

What is CSV Row Extractor Processor?

CSV Row Extractor processing element can be used to extract a row in the CSV payload by the given zero-based index.

The CSV payload is expected to be in the RFC 4180 standard format.

In order to use this processing element, you must first select the CSV Message dependency from the processor list when you are creating an empty Ultra project. If you have already created a project, you can add this dependency via Component Registry. From Tools menu, select Ultra Studio → Component Registry and from the Processors list, select the CSV Message dependency

csv extract row outports

Out Ports


The message will be sent to this outport if the payload transformation is completed successfully

On Exception

The message will be sent to this outport if the processing element failed to transform the payload due to some reason


Row Index *


Zero-based index of the row to be extracted

Column indexing is a zero based indexing system

Variable Name *


Variable name to store extracted row from the message

Return Type *


The return type of the row as a List or an Array

Sample Use Case

In the following use case, the requirement is to read a CSV file from a NIO File Ingress Connector extract a row from the CSV message payload and pass it to a custom processing element, perform some custom processing using the extracted row and finally deliver the message to a backend service via NIO HTTP Egress Connector

csv row extractor flow
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