invoice edi extractor

UN/EDIFACT Invoice Extractor

Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.07

What is an UN/EDIFACT Invoice Extractor Processor?

UN/EDIFACT Invoice Extractor Processor is a processing element which can be used to extract UN/EDIFACT invoice messages from the current message payload and assign it back to the current message as an XML payload.

In order to use this processing element, you must first select the EDI Processors dependency from the processor list when you are creating an empty Ultra project. If you have already created a project, you can add this dependency via Component Registry. From Tools menu, select Ultra Studio → Component Registry and from the Processors list, select the EDI Processors dependency.

Alternatively, you can add the following dependency to the Maven pom.xml manually.

You would also need to add dependencies that would be required by the types of UN/EDIFACT documents that you wish to process. The following example shows the addition of such a mapping dependency for D93A, to pom.xml:

You should generally be able to adapt the above snippet to any UN/EDIFACT document type of your choice, by replacing the d93a segment on the third line with the lowercase name of the required document type. For example, for D11A documents, the third line would resemble <artifactId>d11a-mapping</artifactId>.

invoice edi extractor outports

Out Ports


The message will be sent to this out port if the extraction of the UN/EDIFACT invoice message is successful.

On Exception

The message will be sent to this out port if the processing element failed to process the message payload as an UN/EDIFACT invoice document.

Output Format

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
		  <Free_text_-_-1>Free text to be handled manually</Free_text_-_-1>
		    <Street_and_number_P.O._Box_-_-1>ADDRESS 1</Street_and_number_P.O._Box_-_-1>
		  <City_name>ADDRESS 2</City_name>
	  <!-- Some segment groups have been removed -->

The above is a D93A UN/EDIFACT invoice document. In this example the Invoices tag is the root tag and the Invoice tag is an individual message tag. Note that a few segment groups have been removed.


Message Tag Name


The tag name to be used for individual messages in the transformed XML output. The default value is Invoice.

Root Tag Name


The root tag name in the transformed XML output. The default value is Invoices.

Sample Use Case

In the following use case, the requirement is to read an EDI file from a local directory, convert it from UN/EDIFACT format to XML format, and persist it to another local directory.

Figure 1: invoice_edi_extractor_sample

In this integration flow an UN/EDIFACT Invoice Extractor processing element is used to extract invoice messages from the current message payload and persist the extracted messages using a Payload Saver.

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