Deployment Guide

This document describes the deployment aspect of the UltraESB. This section consists of information on the production deployments and best practices of deployments.

UltraESB installation/deployment is straight forward as you can find in the Installation Guide. However for a production deployment there are many aspects to be carefully looked into. It is highly recommended that any administrator/user planning to do production deployment go through the respective sections of this guide. Further a Production Support from AdroitLogic is recommended for any serious production deployment, of which the information can be found in Production Support Reference.

The production deployment guide consists of the following sections.

  • Clustered Deployment - How to do a proper clustered deployment, with the best practices

  • Production Deployment Best Practices - Notes and best practices for doing a production deployment of UltraESB

  • Deployment Patterns - UltraESB widely used deployment patterns in your Enterprise SOA architecture

  • Webapp Deployment - Deploying UltraESB as a webapp on Tomcat or any other J2EE Application server

  • Performance Tuning - Performance tuning and sizing of the UltraESB

You might also want to go through the documentations on Configuration and Administration and Ultra Terminal on managing and monitoring the production deployments prior to do the actual deployment.

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