IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

IntelliJ IDEA plugin for the UltraESB has integrated the following features into IntelliJ IDEA IDE. But first, please refer the installation guide.

Creating a UltraESB Multi-Module Project

You cannot add a multi-module project as a new module to an existing project. You can only create new multi-module projects.  
  1. In order to create a new multi-module project, launch 'New Project' wizard by File → New Project… and select 'Multi Module Project'. Then give a project name, location and press next.

    projectx 1
  2. After that fill the maven specific settings by giving a group ID and a version.

    projectX 2
  3. Then IDEA will create a maven multi-module project with a sample pom.xml file and after that go to 'Maven Projects' tab and click refresh button so that IDEA could download all dependencies and configure the project.

    projectX 3
  4. Now your project is ready to add Deployment Units.

Creating Deployment Units

  1. In-order to create a new UltraESB Deployment Unit module, launch ’New Module’ wizard by File → New Module… and select 'Deployment Unit'. Then give a module name and press next.

    unita 1
  2. After that fill the maven specific settings by giving a group ID and a version. Then select whether you want to create a sample or an empty deployment unit, and give a base package name. If you’re creating a sample deployment unit, then you can specify the main java class name and the test class name too. After that flick finish button.

  3. Next IDEA will automatically configure all the dependencies and you can start developing the deployment unit.

    unita 3

File templates and Live templates

File Templates

You can add a new sequence class to your deployment unit using a predefined file template as below. Just right click on the package, where you want to add a new sequence and from the pop-up menu select 'UltraESB Sequence'. After creating a new sequence class, a corresponding <u:sequence> tag will be automatically added to the ultra-unit.xml file

unita 4
Live Templates

This plugin contains few live templates, and by pressing Ctrl+J within an ultra-unit.xml file, would show you a list of all the available live templates.

Live Template Generated Code Segment





<u:sequence id="">



<u:endpoint id="" type="">
<u:address type=""></u:address>


<u:proxy id="">
<u:transport id=""/>
<u:target inSequence="">


IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Installation

  • In-order to install AdroitLogic UltraESB Integration plugin, open the settings window (Files → Settings) and then navigate to the 'Plugins' section. 

  • Within the plugins section, click on the `Browse repositories…' button and you’ll be presented with a window which contains all the plugins in the IDEA repository. 

  • Select the AdroitLogic UltraESB Integration plugin and click on the ’Download and Install button.


Language injection and code generation

Language Injection

Now you can directly write Java code within <u:java> tags in ultra-unit.xml file without any manual configuration as below.