Quickstart Guide

This quick start guide is about getting the first message run though the UltraESB. It also observes the message flow to get an understanding of the UltraESB, as well as message mediation. This will introduce the AdroitLogic SOA Toolbox which will be used to form the back end server, and the client that invoke the UltraESB. Further this guide will also introduce the management tools of the UltraESB including UTerm (CLI based management terminal) for management and monitoring aspects.

This exercise will use the default configuration, and help you understand the UltraESB and its behaviour. Developing a solution with the UltraESB is not covered in this chapter, which has been discussed in-detail under the Solution Development on User Guide.

The quick start guide contain the following sections;

At the end of this quick start guide, you will understand the basic message flow and the main functionality in the UltraESB. A basic knowledge on the SOA Toolbox, UTerm and the relationship of those to the UltraESB will also be explained. The SOA Toolbox and UTerm will be discussed in-detail under the relevant sections of the documentation.

The next chapter of the documentation briefs on the UltraESB integration solution development and testing/debugging with its User Guide.

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