Monitoring Guide

This section covers details related to UltraESB monitoring. One of the main principles of UltraESB on management and monitoring is to use the standard Java Management eXtension (JMX), and there are good set of MXBeans which exposes monitoring data. Along with that UltraESB 2.6 includes ElasticSearch based metrics engine for historical statistics monitoring purposes.

UltraESB comes with a built-in metrics engine having two major parts with one being in-memory metrics engine which is used to give short term, real time monitoring for the UltraESB servers and the other being ElasticSearch based metrics engine for long term and historical statistics. Apart from that UltraESB also supports integration with other third party monitoring frameworks as well.

The following sections will help you understand the individual Monitoring aspects;

Apart from the built-in metrics engine and the monitoring aspects provided with IMonitor UltraESB also supports advance system monitoring via Zabbix.

After going through the above sections of the monitoring guide you should have a thorough understanding of the monitoring capabilities of the UltraESB.

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