UltraESB Tooling

This section discusses the tooling available to facilitate the development, testing, deployment and monitoring of UltraESB.

UConsole is replaced by AdroitLogic Integration Monitor (IMonitor) in UltraESB 2.6 Release
AdroitLogic Integration Monitor executes as an independent Web Application, and allows the easy management of a single UltraESB instance or a cluster of instances. Let it be a single instance or a cluster of ESB nodes, IMonitor delivers business level statistics and monitoring at the best. Apart from the operational statistics, IMonitor is capable of presenting friendly troubleshooting & diagnostics capabilities. It’s your step towards improved organisational efficiency saving hours of developer time. Note that IMonitor comes as a replacement for UConsole which was there in previous UltraESB releases and is covered separately in AdroitLogic - Integration Monitor User Guide
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