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Connector Operations

Version: 17.07


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Connector Operations are a special type of processing elements that can be plugged into Egress Connectors in-order to perform some custom processing on a message or enclosing message context before it is sent out. The use of Connector Operations improves the extensibility and the re-usability of Egress Connectors by making it possible to use the same Egress Connector in multiple integration scenarios by plugging in different Connector Operations.

Example Scenario 1

In a scenario where messages should be sent to an external HTTP API, the generic HTTP Egress Connector can be used with a custom connector operation that will prepare the message in accordance with the API specification by setting the necessary URL parameters, headers, etc.

Example Scenario 2

In a scenario where it is required to send messages to a JMS implementation such as IBM MQ, where headers are expected to adhere to a certain set of guidelines, the generic Spring JMS Egress Connector can be used with a custom connector operation that will perform the required sanitation operations on the message headers.

The following image shows how a connector operation can be connected to an Egress Connector in an Integration Flow.

connector operation use
Also it should be noted that, depending on the its functionality, a Connector Operation can be used either with any Egress Connector or only with a pre-defined subset of Egress Connectors.
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