ux term


Version: 17.07


UXTerm is a command-line interface for the remote management of UltraESB-X instances. It is the successor of the former UltraTerminal for UltraESB Legacy, redesigned to work with the Project-X Management REST API.


In order to utilize the management capabilities of UXTerm, you should

  • be running an UltraESB-X instance with the Management API enabled (please note that the Management Server (and hence the API) is available only on the full distribution).

  • have HTTP access to the management service, including

    • management service port (8085 by default) on the system hosting the UltraESB-X instance

    • login credentials in cases where the management API is secured

  • have a UXTerm instance; either a Project-X Tools or Full distribution (where the latter already comes bundled with UXTerm as a management utility)

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