authenticate ux term


Version: 17.07


By default the management API is secured with JWT authentication, and the same credentials should be provided when invoking UXTerm, in one of the following ways:

Via UXTerm Configuration

Under the Named Servers facility in UXTerm configuration, you can specify the login credentials for default or frequently-accessed management endpoints (via the ultra.mgt.username.<server-name> and ultra.mgt.password.<server-name> options).

Specifying at UXTerm startup

As outlined in Running UXTerm, the server URL, username and password can be provided using the --server, --username and --password arguments respectively, when invoking UXTerm in command mode.

In Interactive Mode

UXTerm provides a connect command under Server Management Commands, which can be used to establish a connection with a management API endpoint, providing authentication details if required.

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