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Version: 17.07

Server Management Commands

These commands facilitate connecting to and controlling the runtime status of the UltraESB-X server.

connect, con

Establishes a connection with a specific management API endpoint.

Syntax: con <server-url> [-u <username>] [-p <password>]


URL or server name (alias) of the API endpoint; if not specified, the default server name would be used

-u, --username

username for authenticating to the endpoint (if required)

-p, --password

password for authenticating to the endpoint (if required)

show-connected-server-address, shcsa

Displays the address (URL) of the UltraESB-X server that UXTerm is currently connected to.

Syntax: shcsa

server-state-check, sstchk

Displays the running status of the server (started, stopped, etc.).

Syntax: sstchk

server-start, sstr

Starts the server, if not already started.

Syntax: sstr

server-stop, sstp

Stops the server, if currently running.

Syntax: sstp

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