Creating a New Project

Version: 17.07

With Ultra Studio, there are mainly two ways to create a new project.

  1. Either you can create a new project with only the required component dependencies and keep on building the integration flows you want.

  2. Otherwise, if you are completely new to the Ultra Studio, then the best way to start exploring projects is through a sample project. In the sample project repository, there are various types of sample projects and you can select one and create a project which includes the sample integration flows in that project. Once, you create a sample project, you can directly run it and send messages through it without any configuration.

Creating an Empty Project

Configuring project details

project info screenshot

In-order to create an empty project go to File menu and select New Project. Next select Empty Ultra Project and continue. After that as shown in the above image, you will be presented with a wizard to enter the project details. Keep in mind that this new project will be a maven project and hence, you have to specify the maven specific properties such as Group ID, and Version. The base package represent the base package name for your custom Java classes and UltraESB version is the specific version of the Project-X which should be used with this project.

Next, you have to specify the release artifact URL. This URL must point to the remote maven repository where the Project-X release artifacts can be obtained. Similarly, the SNAPSHOT URL represent the remote maven repository where the SNAPSHOT artifacts of the UltraESB can be obtained.

It is highly discouraged to use SNAPSHOT artifacts in production environment since they are highly brittle. In production environment you must always use release artifacts which are stable.

Selecting Connectors and Processors

component screenshot

After Clicking next button, you will be presented with the connector component list. This list contains various connectors which provide the facility to handle various transports such as HTTP/S, JMS, SFTP, etc. You can select connectors you want for your project from this list and that connector will be automatically added to you project as a dependency.

In the next step of the wizard, you will be presented with a list of processors which can be added to your project as dependencies. This processor list contains various types of processing elements which you can use in your integration flows to manipulate messages which are flowing through the UltraESB.

After selecting which components you want to be added to your project, you will be presented with the final step of the project creation wizard. In this step, you have to specify the name of your project and the location on your file system where this should be created. With that you are done with creating a new empty project and click on the finish button to continue.

After creating the project, you can add or remove further connectors and processors via the menu item Tools → Ultra Studio → Component Registry.

Creating a Sample Project