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UltraStudio ToolBox TCP Dump

Version: 17.07

Features and Capabilities

The TCP Dump Panel allows one to easily monitor, and optionally capture the messages sent at the wire level for debugging, or capturing (e.g. for a subsequent load test) purposes. The messages can be captured as Text, or binary Hex. The Listen port accepts messages on the local machine where the ToolBox is executed, and forwards the message to the Forward Host over the Forward Port specified. To save the request being sent, specify a file with the full path in the Save request to file option



Table 1. TCP Dump Configuration
Configuration Description

Listen Port

The port number that TCP dump should listen to, TCP Dump panel will will start a socket on this port, thus this port should not already bound for another program.

Forward Port

The Forward port number which the back end server runs

Forward Host

The Forward Hostname which the back end server runs

Dump Mode

A user can dump either a text format or binary Hex format

Save File Location

If the user wants the TCP dump to be saved to a file in order to analyze it later give the file location here.

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