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UltraStudio ToolBox HTTP Client

Version: 17.07

Features and Capabilities

The HTTP/S client panel provides a full RFC 2616 compliant HTTP/S client based on the Apache HttpComponents/HttpClient project. The HTTP/S client panel is capable of

  • Sending HTTP/S requests with POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS & TRACE methods.

  • Supporting 2-way SSL, ignoring SSL, ignoring host name verification.

  • Validation and support BASIC, DIGEST or NTLM authentication.

  • Setting preset payloads.

  • Setting payload by typing in or selecting a payload file.

  • Using binary payloads - such as raw Hessian messages.

  • Sending requests using both HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 version

  • Controlling the use of chunking, expectation control (i.e. waiting for a 100 continue reply before sending the body), keepalive and response compression control (i.e. accepting Gzipped responses).

  • Setting the socket timeout to allow the client to specify the maximum delay for a response to arrive.

  • Sending SOAP requests with custom SOAPActions

  • Setting HTTP headers.

  • Unzipping a gzipped response payload for read.

  • Sending a concurrent load specifying the concurrency level and number of iterations.

Configuration Parameters

Main Configuration

Table 1. Main Configuration
Configuration Description


A well formed URL which the request should send to. Once a new URL is entered it will be saved and can be selected from the drop down menu at the end of the URL field.


Select one of POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS & TRACE from the drop down menu to set as the requests HTTP method

Content Type

Select one of the given content type or a user can enter their own type, which will be set as Http header "Content-Type" for requests that has a payload


Request payload to send with the request. This field becomes not accessible for HTTP methods that don’t expect a payload(e.g : GET)

Sample Requests

A user can easily set a one of four preset payloads to send a test message

Request Controls

A request payload can be imported from a file, export to a file and view in full screen.

Java Bench Controls

These input fields configure the load testing parameters.

Concurrency : Number of concurrent threads to be used when sending requests

Iterations : Number of requests send per a thread

Verbosity : Verbosity level of the output

Response Controls

A response message can be export to a file and view in full screen. If gzip compression is enabled, then only unzip payload checkbox is visible. If Unzip Checkbox is selected the response payload field will display the extracted payload.

Advanced Configuration

Table 2. Advanced Configuration
Configuration Description

Socket Timeout

Amount of time in seconds that the client waits for a response before time out

Http Version

A user can switch between Http 1.0 and Http 1.1 by choosing the relevant value

Use Expect

Select whether to use expect-100 header to indicate the capability to the server

Accept Gzip

Select whether client supports gzip for the response payload or not

SOAP Action

Set custom soap action if required

Keep Alive

Use Connection keep alive at the clients side

Use Chuncking

Use Http payload chunking for the client


Enable SSL level debugging, note that this could be set only before executing a request for the first time.

Custom Headers Configuration