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UltraStudio Jetty Server

Version: 17.07

Features and Capabilities

The Jetty server contains an implementation of the SimpleStockQuoteService (copied with modifications from the Apache Synapse project). And EchoService whuch is a high performance service which will echo back the request received. Thus it can be used to echo back various message sizes - say 1K, 5K, 10K etc for load and performance testing. Specifying an Echo service delay, causes the responses to be delayed by the specified number of milliseconds. This is useful to analyze how an ESB not using a Non-Blocking IO approach can easily block, when handling a large number of concurrent connections - which must be kept open until the delayed responses are received. The sample service also contains a servlet that will output a plain text response and an HTML response, to analyze how the UltraESB can handle these types of responses.



The configuration is as simple as it could be, just specify the port number which the server should run on and hit the start button. Additionally you can select Echo service delay in Milli seconds You can see the started servers in the below Jetty Servers panel where you can stop/ start again or change the delay as you desired. Controls on your right allows you to stop and remove servers one by one or all at once.

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