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UltraStudio ToolBox Socket Client

Version: 17.07

Features and Capabilities

The raw socket allows the user to send valid, invalid, malformed, corrupted or malicious payloads to the selected host over to the selected port. This is useful to test the negative test scenarios which are otherwise difficult to identify, reproduce and fix.

Some service hosting engines and ESB’s may not be able to even accept malformed requests, even for logging purposes. Note that this is an advanced option and expects the user to be familiar with the HTTP RFC 2616 for operation. The most common mistake a novice user usually does is specifying a wrong content length - which should be the size of the payload in bytes. The payload must be separated from the header by a blank line as per the specification.



The configuration is rather simple. Hostname and Port should be the hostname and port number of the server. There are four preset sample requests available in Sample requests panel. Request control allows to a user to import requests from a file as well as export the current requests to a file while Response Control allows a user to export the response from the server to a file.

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