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UltraStudio Preferences

Version: 17.07

UltraStudio provides the functionality to modify the UI of Editor pane as well as various other functions. This section elaborates on the Preferences provided by UltraStudio which can be modified by the end user.

ustudio preferences
  • Font Family Select a font type to be used on Design view. In-order to use a font type, you must be connected to the internet.

  • Icon Theme Icon theme to be used for connectors and processors.

  • Enable automatic UUID generation By default when you drag and drop a component from component pallet to design pane, a UUID will be generated automatically to identify that component. By disabling this property, when you drag-n-drop a component, you will be asked to specify a name for the component.

  • IPS URL UltraStudio provides integration with IPS and you can directly upload a project you have created in UltraStudio into IPS. For this property, you need to specify the URL of the hosted IPS instance.

*UltraESB-X License You can start an UltraESB-X instance within UltraStudio and deploy, test the project you have developed. But in-order to do that, you need to obtain a license from the AdroitLogic to perpetually run the UltraESB-X runtime. After obtaining the license, specify it here. By default, a 30 day evaluation license is specified.

  • Sample Project Repository Specify the URL of the Sample UltraProject repository. Default value is

  • Remote Dependency Repository Specify the URL of the JSON file which contains the information of processors and connectors.

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