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Project.xpml File

Version: 17.07

In this section we will learn about the Project.xpml file and its content. From now on, I will refer to it as XPML file since there can be only one Project.xpml file within a single Ultra Project.

Basics of Project.xpml File

The XPML file is the beginning point of the project when it comes to the execution of the project. Sample XPML file is shown in below XML and there are few key components in this file.

<x:project id="mySampleProject" name="mySampleProject" version="1.0-SNAPSHOT"

            A sample project that demonstrates the projects concept

           <x:flow id="sampleFlow" file="helloWorldFlow.xcml"/>


  • Project Id - This specifies the Id of the project (id="mySampleProject)

  • Project Name - Name of the current Project (name="mySampleProject")

  • Project Version - Current version of the project (version="1.0-SNAPSHOT")

  • Description - A brief description about the current project

  • Flows - This section contains the current Integration Flows in the project. Only the flows specified in this section will be deployed when the project is executed.

  • Resources - This section contains spring beans which are used by the Integration Flows. User can add or remove beans through a UI and in the next section let’s see how to do that.

How to add Resources

Below figure depicts the design view of the XPML file. As you can see, by clicking on the add Bean button you can create a new Spring bean as a resource.