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Defining a custom metrics stream

Version: 17.07

IMonitor-X provides graphical representation of the most important metrics streams related to UltraESB-X nodes, projects and related entities. But if you need to view a specific/custom metrics stream, the custom metrics dashboard can be used. To access this dashboard, click on the Custom Metrics item from the main menu.

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By default, the custom metrics dashboard will be empty as you haven’t defined any custom streams yet. So to define a new stream, click on the Manage Dashboard Widgets (1) button, followed by Define New Widget (2) button.

manage btn
new btn

This will bring a form and it should be filled with the corresponding values. As an example, consider the following Elasticsearch document reported by UltraESB-X on connector metrics.

    "_index": "ultraesb_x-000599",
    "_type": "x_statistics",
    "_id": "AV4AS1-vEtCuMpPuTs5s",
    "_score": 2.499051,
    "_source": {
        "sentMsgCount": 50,
        "receivedMsgCount": 50,
        "sentMsgSize": 600,
        "receivedMsgSize": 600,
        "node": "node1",
        "space": "space1",
        "project": "direct-proxy",
        "projectVersion": "2.0.0",
        "integrationFlow": "flow-8281",
        "entityId": "http-8281-listener",
        "entityType": "ConnectorMetrics",
        "recordTime": "2017-08-20T15:37:34+0000",
        "connectorType": "NIOHttpIngressConnector",
        "isIngress": "true"

Assume that you need to define a metrics stream widget to monitor the number of messages received by the integration flow flow-8281 belongs to project direct-proxy deployed in node node1 of cluster space space1. For that the metrics widget form should be filled as follows.

Basic information

form 1

Name (1)

Any sensible name to identify this metrics widget

Field Name (2)

The name of the interested field from Elasticsearch document. In above mentioned scenario, this should be receivedMsgCount.

Stream Name (3)

The metrics stream name which is the value of entityType field of the Elasticsearch document. In above mentioned scenario, this should be ConnectorMetrics.

Scale (4)

If the Y axis value to be scaled by some proportion, it should be mentioned in this field. In above mentioned scenario, this should be 1 as there is no need to scale down the message count. But in a scenario such as used memory value stream, where values are reported in bytes, this property can be set to 1000000 to make the graph show them in Mega Bytes.

Y Axis Label (5)

A label for the Y axis of the graph

Widget settings

form 2

Show total field for graph (7)

Whether to show the total value for the graph. In addition to that minimum, maximum and average values will be shown by default.

Publicly Visible (8)

Whether this widget should be publicly visible. If a widget is set to public, all the users can view this widget and pin it to their dashboards. But only the user who created the widget can edit or delete it.

Pin to dashboard (9)

Whether to pin this widget to your custom metrics dashboard

Term filters

The above configurations only retrieve the received messages count of all connectors of all projects. Therefore to filter them for the example scenario, it is required to define term filters for node, space, project and integration flow as follows.

form 3

Finally click on Save button to persist this widget configuration. Now this widget will appear on custom metrics management view as well as custom metrics dashboard if you chose to pin it.

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