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Dashboard Widgets and Management

Version: 17.07

Dashboard Management

The dashboard management view displays all the dashboard widgets defined by the current user as well as the dashboard widgets shared publicly by other users. You can access the dashboard by clicking the Home icon from the main menu. If there are no defined widgets at the moment this view might be empty. Now from there, to access the dashboard management view, click on the Manage Dashboard Widgets (1) button.

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This tabular view displays the below information of each dashboard widget in addition to a set of action buttons.

dashboard widget list

Name (1)

The name of the dashboard widget

Widget Type (2)

A number denoting the type of the dashboard widget. Currently there are two widget types defined as Space Health Widget denoted by type 1 and Space Message Count Widget denoted by type 2.

Created By (3)

The name of the user who created this widget

Public (4)

Whether this widget is publicly shared or private

Pinned (5)

Whether this widget is pinned to the current user’s dashboard

The action buttons provide the following functionality for each metrics widget.

View Widget (6)

Preview the widget with its configurations

View Config (7)

View the widget configurations

Edit (8)

Edit the widget configurations (only available for the widgets created by the current user)

Make public/private (9)

Switch the public/private state of the widget (only available for the widgets created by the current user)

Pin to dashboard (10)

Pin/Unpin the widget from the dashboard

Remove (11)

Remove the widget (only available for the widgets created by the current user)

The search box (12) can be used to search streams based on name and created by fields. In addition, button (13) can be used to navigate to the widget dashboard and button (14) can be used to define new dashboard widgets.

Refer the following guides on defining new widgets.

Widgets Dashboard

Widgets dashboard, that can be accessed by clicking on the Home item from the main menu, displays all the pinned dashboard widgets in graphical representations.

A sample widget dashboard view will be as follows.

dashboard view
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