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UltraESB-X instance list

Version: 17.07

UltraESB-X instance list displays all the UltraESB-X instances that the current user has access and this list can be accessed by selecting the Nodes item from the main menu.

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Please note that if you are an admin user (a user belongs to the Super User group), the above action will take you to the UltraESB-X instance management view.

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This tabular view displays the below information of each instance in addition to a set of action buttons.

Name (1)

The node name of the UltraESB-X instance

Service URL (2)

The service URL defined for the UltraESB-X instance

Space (3)

The name of the cluster space to which this node belongs to

Mode (4)

Whether this is a primary/secondary instance. In an Active-Passive scenario, active nodes are marked as Primary and passive nodes are marked as Secondary. In other scenarios, all nodes are marked as Primary.

The action buttons provide the following functionality for each instance.

View (5)

Navigates to the Details View corresponding to the particular instance

Check Status (6)

Shows the current status (e.g.: Started, Stopped, Paused, etc.) of a particular instance

In addition, this list can be refined to display the instances that belong to a particular cluster space, using the Cluster Spaces drop-down list (7). In addition, the search box (8) can be used to search instances based on node name and service URL.

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