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User Profile Settings

Version: 17.07

User settings view provides the ability for the current user to update the user profile information such as first name, last name and password. To access this view, first click on the User icon on the upper right corner of the header bar and from the pop up menu, select Settings.

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Changing first name and last name

user setting form

Once you go to the user setting view, first name (1) and last name (1) fields will be already populated with current values or they will empty if a first name and last name has not been specified. To change those fields, simply update first name and last names fields accordingly and then click Save button to save the modifications.

Changing user password

You can access the password change pop up by clicking the Change Password button (3) in user setting view.

user setting pw form

There you will be prompted for current password (1), new password (2) and confirm password (3) fields. After filling those fields, you can update the password by clicking the Change button (4). Note that for the password change action to succeed, Current Password much match the existing password and the fields New Password and Confirm Password should have matching values no less that 6 characters.

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