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License Configuration

Version: 17.07

Adroitlogic Integration Monitor is distributed under a commercial license and the application bundle is shipped with an evaluation license for 30 days. This section illustrates the license related configurations as well as steps to step license correctly.

By default, all the license configurations and license related files are placed in the imonitor-x-17.07/resources/license/ directory. If you need to change this to another location, please change the im.license.dir property value to that directory.

The following licensing related configuration parameters are specified in the file that resides in the license directory.


The URL of Adroitlogic license server, which will issue the license for the application


The application will show a warning message when the expiration date for the current license is closer. This parameter specifies the number of days before the actual expiration date that this message should be shown.

If this parameter is not specified, the default value will be 10 days for evaluation licenses and 60 days for production licenses.

The following properties should be configured if the application has to go through a HTTP proxy in order to connect to the Adroitlogic license server


Whether to enable proxy configuration for license server connection

Host name/address of the HTTP proxy


Port of the HTTP proxy


Whether to enable authentication for the HTTP proxy


Username to be used for proxy authentication


Password to be used for proxy authentication

License Key

The license key for the application is included in a file named and this key will be used by the license server to issue the license. By default this file will contain a key for a 30-day evaluation license and does not require any modifications. But if you need to install a new license key (e.g.: a production license received from Adroitlogic) you can modify the content of this file to have this new license key and then restart the application.

For example, if your new license key is 1234-5678-abcd, the content of this file should be as follows.


Please note that if you run IMonitor-X with a particular license key for the first time, a file named will be created in the same directory with the license information. In case you change the license key to a new one as mentioned above, this file should be removed before restarting the application.

Client Key

In addition to the above mentioned 2 files, the licensing mechanism also require a client key to acquire a valid license. When you receive the download email for IMonitor-X, this client key will be attached to that email as a file named Please copy that file to the license directory of your installation.

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