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IMonitor-X Quick Start Guide

Version: 17.07

This section provides a quick start guide to run the Adroitlogic IMonitor-X distribution with a MySQL database. For detailed installation and configuration details, please refer the installation guide and configuration guide.


The following prerequisites are essential for the deployment of AdroitLogic Integration Monitor-X.

  • System with a linux/unix based OS and an internet connection

  • Java Runtime Environment 8 or later

  • MySQL database

  • A cluster or a single instance of UltraESB-X v17.07

  • A Cluster or a single instance of Elasticsearch v5.1.1

Elasticsearch can be either downloaded from their official site and run as a separate process (which is recommended for large deployments) or the embedded Elasticsearch server of UltraESB-X can be used.

Quick installation steps

  1. Download the AdroitLogic Integration Monitor-X bundle from our product page. Once you fill the download form, an email will be sent to the provided email address with the download link for the application bundle and a file named as an attachment.

  2. Extract the downloaded adroitlogic-imonitor-x-17.07.tar.gz file which contains the following 2 sub directories.

    • imonitor-x-17.07 - contains the IMonitor-X distribution

    • Database Scripts - contains database scripts

  3. Log into the MySQL console as super user and execute the following command to create a database named IMX_DB.

  1. Create a new database user named imuser with password value as password and grant privileges of the newly created database to that user.

CREATE USER 'imuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON IMX_DB . * TO 'imuser'@'localhost';
  1. Exit the MySQL console and as the newly created user, import the sql script Database Scripts/db-schema-mysql.sql to the database. This script will create the database tables, indices and database level constraints required by IMonitor-X.

mysql -u imuser -p IMX_DB < db-schema-mysql.sql
  1. Then as the newly created user, execute the sql script Database Scripts/db-init-mysql.sql on the database, which will insert the initialization data.

mysql -u imuser -p IMX_DB < db-init-mysql.sql
  1. Download the MySQL JDBC driver and copy it to imonitor-x-17.07/lib/ext/ directory.

  1. Download the file you received with the download email and and copy it to imonitor-x-17 .07/resources/license directory.

  2. Go to imonitor-x-17.07/bin/ directory and start IMonitor-X with the following command. You can observe the log file imonitor-x-17.07/logs/imonitor-x.log to ensure the application is started correctly.

sh start

The following commands are also supported by the above script

  • To start IMonitor-X - sh bin/ start

  • To stop IMonitor-X - sh bin/ stop

  • To restart IMonitor-X - sh bin/ restart

  • To check status - sh bin/ check

  1. Open the URL with your favourite web browser and login using the following default user credentials.
    Username : admin
    Password : password

Please note that you will need to add at least one UltraESB-X node and some Ultra Projects to experience the full functionalities of IMonitor-X. For that please refer the following guides.

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