Cluster Versioning

Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.01

For ease of tracking the configuration status of a cluster, every deployment attempt made against a cluster creates a new cluster version. Cluster versions can be used to move between different deployment configurations in the cluster’s history, and are also used for internal rollback operations.

Listing Cluster Versions

  • Navigate to Clusters.

  • Click Detail button against the required cluster.

  • Click Versions entry on the vertical tab navigation menu.

  • The view would display all cluster versions associated with the current cluster, along with the status of the last deployment attempt of each, and options to deploy/undeploy/delete them.

View cluster version details

  • In the above Cluster Version List view, click Details button against any cluster version entry.

  • The detail view additionally displays the 'parent' version of the cluster version (which would get deployed during a rollback) along with the constituent project versions and configuration artifacts of the version.

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