Node Group Deployment

Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.01

Node group-based deployments are recommended for cases where you have a few specialized nodes in your cluster and you want to ensure that a certain set of projects are always deployed into one of these nodes.

The demo IPS installer distribution cannot be effectively utilized for node group deployments as it is inherently a single-node set-up.

In order to create a node group based deployment,

  1. Create one or more node groups, each incorporating a desired set of nodes.

  2. Create a cluster, selecting one or more of the node groups you have defined.

  3. If you have not done so already, upload one or more projects to be deployed in the cluster.

  4. Select the projects for deployment into the new cluster.

  5. Create and submit a deployment with any required port mappings and configuration artifacts.

  6. Once the deployment is successful, you will have an active deployment of the selected project(s) that can scale across any of the nodes included in the selected node group(s).

  7. If you would like to see the node-group based deployment in action, increase the replication count of the cluster and observe the nodes where different instances are hosted under the instances view. Newly spawned instances will be deployed only within the set of nodes belonging to the node group(s) assigned to the cluster.

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