List currently available Projects in IPS

Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.01

Users can view currently available Projects and their Versions from IPS console.

Users are only allowed to view the Projects that are given access to their respective groups. Only the super admin group has access to all projects.

List projects

  • Go to Projects perspective You can see available Projects with the permissions to be accessed by your group.

S2I workflow
Figure 1. Go to Project perspective

List project versions

  • Go to projects list and click on the Versions button to view available version for particular project

S2I workflow
Figure 2. Click on the Versions
  • Here you can see available versions for selected project

S2I workflow
Figure 3. Project Versions

Project user groups

Each project belongs to one or more groups, so that members of each group will only have access to their own projects.

You may not be able to view/update the project groups unless you have the required project management permissions.
  • On the projects list perspective, click Versions button against the desired project.

  • Switch to the User Groups tab on the project detail perspective. The list of groups will be displayed, with ticks applied against those to which the current project belongs.

    project user groups
    Figure 4. Project user groups
  • If any group reassignments are required, make the required selections/deselections and click Update.

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