Editing a Node Group

Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.01

In case you have added or removed nodes to/from IPS platform, you may want to modify certain node groups to reflect the change. Since IPS scales dynamically it does not explicitly keep track of available nodes, hence a removed node will be treated as "currently unavailable" but will still remain attached to any currently assigned node groups.

In order to edit a node group,

  • Go to Node Groups under Infrastructure perspective.

  • Click Edit button against the desired node group.

click edit button
Figure 1. Click Edit button
  • Update the name and description for the node group, if required.

  • From the detected nodes list, select the new set of nodes to be included in the node group (leave any already assigned nodes unchanged unless you wish to remove them from the group).

edit details
Figure 2. Edit details
  • Click Update to update the node group.

  • To propagate any node assignment changes to clusters that are currently using this node group, IPS offers you an option to refresh all clusters assigned to the node group. Click Yes to refresh the respective clusters, No to simply update the node group without propagating the changes right now, or Cancel to return to the edit page without saving your changes.

  • Unless the node list is modified, it is not necessary to refresh the assigned clusters.

  • If you select not to refresh clusters after modifying the node group, the changes would be propagated to each cluster independently during their next refresh (either manually or during a deployment).

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