Deploying the JSON Data Service sample project

By following this guide, you can deploy and test the sample project JSON Data Service in IPS.

This document aims at providing project property configurations and steps involved in the testing process. In order to familiarize yourself with the overall deployment steps involved, please read the guide on How to Run a Sample Project.


As described in the Prerequisites section of the sample documentation, set up a MySQL database with a product table containing some sample data.

If you decide to use a different DBMS, you should add the appropriate JDBC driver during the deployment process.


  1. Update the following project properties to reflect those appropriate for the database you wish to utilize:


    JDBC URL for connecting to the database, with the IP address updated to reflect the correct external server (or the host machine’s IP address).


    username for connecting to the database


    password for connecting to the database

  2. During deployment, map port 8280 to an external port (e.g. 30040).

  3. Because IPS-Worker already publishes logs to the IPS database, a MySQL JDBC driver is already included in the runtime (which can be reused by the project in establishing a connection to the sample shop detail database). If your sample database is based on a different DBMS (e.g. Oracle/MSSQL), provide the appropriate JDBC driver as a Library-type configuration artifact at path /.


After running the project, follow the documentation to test the sample, using the derived endpoint URL based at

Refer to Running a Sample to find out how to acquire the IPS virtual machine IP address (vm-ip).
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