Instance Level Statistics

Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.01

Through IPS Dashboard, users can view per instance statistics from different aspects. To view instance statistics, go to Instance Detail page from Cluster > Instances > Details and go to Statistics tab from left navigation. Instance level statistics are divided into two main categories.

System Metrics

In the system metrics, the CPU usage, Heap memory usage, File descriptor usage and active thread usage of the JVM that runs particular instance are shown.

S2I workflow
Figure 1. System metrics of the instance

Communication Metrics

Received messages graph shows the number of messages received by an UltraESB and the send message graph shows the number of messages sent by an UltraESB. In addition to that top most boxes show all time sent, received and error message count.

S2I workflow
Figure 2. Communication metrics of the instance
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