Register an UltraESB Docker Container Image

Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.01

Specify manually

Users should save the metadata of UltraESB Docker Images in IPS inorder to instruct IPS to fetch them from respective locations. Once you specify the correct data of the Docker Images, framework will automatically pull them once it is required. To register a new Images in IPS,

  • Go to the Infrastructure perspective and click Add button on the top right corner

S2I workflow
Figure 1. Go to Insfarstucture perspective
  • Specify necessary metadata of the UltraESB Docker Image and click Create

    • Name: Name of the UltraESB Images. This field is mandatory

    • Tag: If the Image is not the latest one, mention the particular tag of the Image

    • Repository: If the Image exists in a private Docker registry, you have to mention the url of the private registry. If the Image exists in the official DockerHub, keep this field empty

    • Username: If the Image is pushed under a specific user name of on the DockerHub, mention the username

S2I workflow
Figure 2. Fill UltraESB docker Image metadata
If the Image is stored in a private repository which requires credentials to pull it through DockerHub, it is the IPS cluster administrators' responsibility to configure dockerconfig file of each node in IPS cluster with respective user credentials. Otherwise, framework will not be able to pull the Image successfully

Import form an already existing Images

For the ease of use, some standard UltraESB docker Images are publicly or on request available for IPS users. Users can import those Images if they wish. To import a standard Docker Image,

  • Go to container Image create view and click "Select Existing" button. Then you will see currently available Images to be imported to IPS

S2I workflow
Figure 3. Click Select Existing
  • Select a Image form the list and click Create button to finish import process

S2I workflow
Figure 4. Select an Existing Image
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