Monitor Log Events

Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.07

The Monitor Log component detects cluster events and monitors the changes that have occurred in the cluster. When considering the sequence of events that could occur in a cluster, IPS monitors the latest successful state and logs the status. The states are respectively,

  • Cluster Available / Cluster Fail

  • Recovery

  • Pods Available

  • ESBs Available

  • Projects Available

To view the Monitor Logs of a particular cluster, Navigate to the Clusters. Click details button against the required cluster. Click on Events entry on the vertical tab navigation menu. Click on the Monitor Log tab which is next to the Error Log tab.

Timestamp and additional logging information is included as a message. For "FAIL" events IPS provides additional information in the form of error logs.

Monitoring in resource restricted environments can result in a higher pressure on the database and might impact the performance of the whole system. In such a case configure monitor.extended.skip=true in file. This would reduce the verbosity of events recorded. (Basically Error Logging would be skipped)
Monitor Logs
Figure 1. Monitor Logs

Error Log

The Error Logs tab displays the pod specific information that could be used for debugging purposes. IPS gives the capability of downloading the pod specific configurations, pod specific logs and pod snapshots.

You can navigate to the pod specific error log only by clicking on the FAIL button on the Monitor Log tab which corresponds to an error log. Navigation to the error log is restricted due to the linkage between between the Monitor Log events and Error Logs.
Pod Specific Error Logs
Figure 2. Error Logs
If the ESB management server fails to respond the Snapshot column would display NOT AVAILABLE. This is due to the fact that the project snapshots could not be downloaded successfully. Therefore heavy reliance on this feature is not recommended.
If the pods of the cluster fail to start, it would be impossible for IPS to download pod specific configurations/ console logs/ snapshots due to the lack of communication between pods.
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