Version: 17.07

Supported Since: 17.01

The notion of an environment is introduced in IPS for compatibility with the concept of runtime environment in UltraESB-X.

  • Each cluster has an associated environment (DEVELOPMENT, TEST or PRODUCTION), which will be propagated to all ESB instances spawned under that cluster’s control. For example, a PRODUCTION cluster will always spawn ESBs whose runtime environment is production.

  • Each project version is facilitated to include different sets of properties for each of the above environments.

  • When a project version V is deployed on cluster C configured with environment E, the property set defined on V for environment E is applied on the deployment.

For example, if a project has separate test and production configuration, one can deploy the same project in 2 clusters, one with environment set to TEST and the other to PRODUCTION, in order to have both a test and a production environment on the same IPS installation.

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